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    In the club’s fetish room this evening, the members can enjoy this elaborately staged inter-racial bondage scene.  Judging by the stiffness of the “victim’s” erection, being naked, spreadeagled and fucked up the ass may not be quite humiliating enough for either him or some of our more jaded patrons… Perhaps the arms and legs need to be splayed out a bit tighter, yes?

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    Derrick’s First Time

    Studio: 8Teenboy
    Release Date: 09/30/12
    Starring: Christian Collins, Derrick Porter

    Derrick Porter sits with our camera crew and recalls his first time. Dare we say, he was in the ninth grade. This boy’s sexual appetite was raging as were his young teen hormones. “We were just watching straight porn and before you knew it…” Derrick tells it like it is and it’s a good story.

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    It seems impossible, but lots of lube and some patient thrusting action force Brent’s tender anal ring to stretch even more, and it opens to the second cock’s penetration… Cute little Brent is now sandwiched firmly between them as he starts the ride of his life!

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    So, this position… As long as the bottom is content with being little more than a hole to fuck, (works for me!), it is highly recommended.  First of all, it offers up the ass for excellent, deep penetration.  The Top will be able to thrust for as long as needed without pause, and let’s face it, what’s the down-side of that?  It is a no-nonsense, dick-in-hole, get the job done style of fucking… Sometimes that’s exactly what we need, yes?